Saturday, November 7, 2009

Are You Getting the Whole Picture as you Optimize Application Performance?

As you deploy optimization to improve application performance over the WAN you need to know what kind of results you are getting. To help understand the benefits of deploying these systems you might be looking at reports from the WAAS central manager or to get end-to-end results you might have deployed probes from an NMS vendor. These reports can provide useful insight into the benefits of optimization; however there is more to the picture that you might want to look at. What if you need detailed data for planning, performance analysis and troubleshooting across network elements and you need to save on the costs of deploying these systems?

Let’s say you need to quantify the impact of WAN Optimization on application and network performance, or you need to perform throughput analysis of LAN/WAN bandwidth to justify the benefits a deployment. You might need a way to leverage performance data gathered in proof-of-concept scenarios in your analysis, or you might want help in identifying the best links for optimization or to be able to characterize the end-user experience with transaction and session-based statistics.