Friday, February 5, 2010

Optimizing your Hosted Virtual Desktop Delivery Architecture

Delivery of hosted virtualized desktops is seeing increasing up take by organizations that want to reduce the cost of deployment and management of end user systems. While desktop virtualization offers many advantages, there are benefits to be gained in performance, scaling and security that can be addressed by choosing the right hosting platform and networking components. By optimizing the network architecture organizations can host and deliver the highest number of view images and users sessions while keeping down the total cost of ownership.

For example by hosting virtual desktop images on the Cisco Unified Computing System organizations can greatly increase the number of images per server while reducing complexity, by taking advantage of capabilities such as memory capacity, virtualized adaptors, Unified Fabric and centralized management that is integrated with solutions from VMware.

By using Cisco ACE to provide server load-balancing services organizations can greatly increase the number of user sessions per server, while increasing system security, by taking advantage of SSL off load and TCP reuse capabilities and built in intelligent security functionality, and they can realize cost reduction through virtualization capabilities and integration with provisioning systems from VMware.

Cisco WAAS improves performance of hosted virtual desktop images over the WAN by providing application acceleration and WAN optimization capabilities to overcome limitations in bandwidth and network performance issues. By deploying Cisco WAAS organizations can deliver more user session out to remote offices over their existing WAN connection.

Working together in an end-to-end architecture the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Application Control Engine (ACE) and Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) provide a solution for increasing the scale, availability and performance of hosted virtual desktops.

Cisco will be presenting our solution for delivery of hosted virtual desktops at a series of seminars hosted by VMware during February. To attend one of these presentations in a city near you click here to register and learn how you can transform your desktop strategy with desktop virtualization.

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