Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Juniper’s New Network Platform Architecture

If you talked with me at Interop, Las Vegas last week you heard me speak of Juniper’s New Network Platform Architecture. The New Network Platform Architecture is an initiative that brings together Juniper’s innovations in silicon, software, and systems to deliver best-in-class network designs that enable business advantages for our customers. This is a milestone for Juniper, and it shows the commitment that we have to delivering value to our customers to help them compete in today’s market place.

Juniper’s Focus on the Customer
Juniper’s approach to designing network architectures is to solve today’s business and technology limitations with designs that deliver greater efficiency, increased business value, better performance, and opportunity that will last. With a focus on our customer’s business objectives, the demands of their applications, and workflow needs, our approach is to design architectures that lift legacy limitations and transform our customer’s expectations for the network. Our objective is to drive business value for our customers by optimizing their network investments. We simplify architectures, operation models, and workflows to optimize network investments. By using our domain designs customer can optimize their network investments to increase productivity, generate revenue, and enhance the quality of the user experience.

The Changing Environment
With soaring growth in bandwidth demand, mobile consumer devices, cloud, and M2M, network needs and pace of innovation have changed dramatically, and Juniper is enabling our customers to grow and capture the opportunity. Our differentiation is our ability to take complex architectures, legacy operating systems, and simplify, modernize, and scale for our customers. From core routing to data centers, Juniper has consistently delivered breakthrough innovations leveraging our expertise in silicon, systems, and software to help our customers increase efficiency, drive business value, and accelerate service delivery.

The Competitive Marketplace
Today the competitive marketplace increasingly demands innovation at the domain and architecture level. How one builds the network infrastructure is as important as the products it is built upon. Both Enterprise and Service Provider customers seek the combination of product excellence and innovation that they can rely on to build services across domains. We find that customers seek expertise from Juniper in how to architect network capabilities to create competitive advantage. Our architectural innovations amplify the value of network domains and enable Juniper to deliver end-to-end network infrastructure solutions so that our customer’s best achieve the economic advantage of using Juniper’s product portfolio.

Juniper’s Approach to the Network
Customers have asked what makes Juniper different. Juniper has a track record of innovating and creating solutions that deliver business value for our customers. Juniper’s systems are built for performance and scale in multiple dimensions. Our software simplifies operations and helps to acceleration service creation. Just as importantly, our people bring extensive experience, scholarship, and innovations that are leveraged in our products. Together, we provide breakthrough technologies and architectures that our customers leverage to build their networks and services.

A New Way of Buying
The Network With our New Network Platform Architectures Juniper is changing the way that customers buy networks. Instead of buying individual devices and piecing them together customers now buy platform architectures that are designed to deliver services in the network. Platform Architectures specify all of the devices for each domain and how they are combined and interoperate to deliver services. This New Network model simplifies the process for customers and accelerates their time to market while ensuring compatibility and accelerating service creation.

The Domains in the Network
Juniper identifies seven domains in the network that make up the platform architecture. These are Data Center, Core, Edge, Access and Aggregation, Campus and Branch, WAN, and Consumer and Enterprise Device. To learn more about New Network Platform Architecture on Juniper.net see, www.juniper.net/choosenew

This blog first appeared on the Juniper Network's blog site, see link.

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