Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nuage Networks and Citrix Collaborate for Application Delivery with SDN and OpenStack

The application landscape is changing. Enterprise organizations are deploying complex scale-out applications. These applications have many components that have to work together. An application architecture can include a legacy component that resides on a mainframe, it can have services-oriented architecture components, and there can be new micro services that perform specialized tasks. The network infrastructure is changing in response. Most applications run on a virtual server infrastructure. Network services are being migrated to virtualized network infrastructure. Network services now exist as virtual appliances. Everything needs to interact, from the application components to the virtual network services. To connect the components, virtual networks like the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) have been developed and organizations are using these to connect the pieces of the virtualized applications and the virtualized network components together.


SDN virtual network solutions like Nuage Networks VSP automate IT across an entire cloud datacenter infrastructure while preserving control, visibility and freedom of choice. Interoperability in an SDN landscape now has to include technologies like service chaining to incorporate security and application delivery services into the virtual networks automatically. Integration with these devices also means taking advantage of the value-added capabilities in each vendor’s solution, and working well with open source cloud management systems like OpenStack to provide end-to-end automation and centralized management. With experience from deployments at leading enterprise and cloud service provider customers, Nuage Networks has built reference architectures based on OpenStack and Nuage Networks’ Virtualized Services Platform (VSP). The Nuage Networks Partner Ecosystem makes this architecture available as a pre-designed and public-facing environment that enables self-certification of the elements of the architecture in as little as two weeks. Nuage Networks has expanded its Nuage Networks Partner Program with the launch of a self-service certification initiative. With a focus on Layer 4-7 application delivery and security, the initiative provides a simple, fast way to assure enterprise customers that the micro-segmentation security policies, components and services they choose will deploy and operate automatically in a Nuage Networks SDN environment.

One of the most important network services is the application delivery controller that ensures performance, availability and security for applications.

Citrix NetScaler is a market leader ADC and we want to ensure that it can be automatically deployed in networks that are built on SDN and cloud infrastructure. Citrix NetScaler is one of the first application delivery controller (ADC) partner solutions to be certified by Nuage Networks. As organizations deploy these new application and network architectures companies need to know that various components work together and they also need to know the best way to design their networks. By validating that their solutions work alongside those of partners, Nuage Networks provides peace of mind as organizations move their business applications to the cloud. Through pre-qualification of our solution with the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform, we accelerate speed to market for Enterprises and Cloud Service Providers and reduce the risk, cost and complexity of implementing, integrating and maintaining advanced networking capabilities in support of applications. Nuage Networks is a member of the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partner program and certifies its products with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. Citrix has done the same for NetScaler which enables both Nuage VSP and NetScaler VPX to run on RedHat OpenStack.

The Citrix NetScaler Application Delivery Controller platform powers some of the largest enterprise and cloud infrastructure systems in the world today.

The certification with Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform, in conjunction with OpenStack, will allow customers to rapidly build their own cloud infrastructure and operate it at scale using the best available components.

For More Information

To demonstrate our collaboration on November 6, 2015 Citrix Systems and Nuage did a DemoFriday on SDxCentral. See this link for the recording, Painlessly Insert Layer 4-7 Network Services & Achieve Automation with the Citrix & Nuage DemoFriday.

See this page for details on the Nuage Partner Program for Application Delivery.

See this link for the Citrix and Red hat announcement, Citrix Collaborates with Red Hat on New Product Integrations for Building OpenStack Clouds.

Nuage Networks’ Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) has received Citrix Ready® certification.

Press release, Nuage Networks Expands Partner Program with Certification Initiative Launch.

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